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Welcome to the Chen Family Acupuncture Blog!

A big part of practicing Chinese medicine is educating others. What Chinese medicine and acupuncture are still remains relatively unknown to the general public compared to conventional medicine. We spend a lot of time explaining what acupuncture is, what it does, and how it can help certain conditions to patients in the clinic. The more nitty-gritty stuff about Chinese medicine theory is often tossed out for more scientific sounding explanations that tend to be overly simplistic.

Learning Chinese medicine is rather difficult, as many acupuncture school students would attest to. Chinese medicine is its own medical system with its own theory, diagnostic and treatment methodology. When learning about Chinese medicine combined with the necessity of being knowledgeable about biology, anatomy, physiology and modern diseases, students can get overwhelmed pretty fast with the amount of information they need to memorize and retain.

The purpose of this blog is to present topics to the curious patient or layperson about Chinese medicine, and partially show how in-depth and complex the medicine can really be. There may also be more advanced concepts that may be discussed as well, which are more directed toward prospective or current acupuncture school students.

Let us learn more together!

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